Wouldn’t you though?

Oh glory be! These Kitty Vans trainers that pitches it just right between little girl cutey- catnip and zero sequin relief for mums …

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Picture of Hero

Boating in Henley

How to have a fab day on the river

Muddy visits... Chipping Norton

Indie shops and a buzzy weekend vibe in lovely 'Chippy'

Kids play at Longridge

Fantastic water-based Activity centre near Marlow

Seen the 50 Shades of Grey trailer?

Ooh, it's a bit raunchy. But then, what would you expect?!
Muddy eats: @ The Beetle & Wedge Boathouse, Moulsford

20th Aug 2014


    I’ve wanted to try out The Beetle & Wedge Boathouse restaurant in Moulsford for sooooo long, and I’m glad to say I’ve finally made it there with my mother, my ever-willing wing-lady (no, not bingo-wing lady, she’s in …

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What To Do in Bucks/Oxon: 19 – 26 Aug 2014

19th Aug 2014


Oh my God, are we nearly done with the Summer hols yet? (*gasp*). I love my children, truly I do, but I’m ready to kiss their soft, sweet hair and shove them through the school gates. Until later, my darlings! …

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Fancy earning £25 in 20 minutes? Here you go!

17th Aug 2014


A quick call-out to anyone (men or women) who travel on the Great Western Railway from Oxford to London. Yes commuter, you! Yes demon-shopper, you! Yes, er, man with gun, you! Basically, Mr Muddy’s ad agency would like to bend …

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The best cafe ever – Jane’s Teas

17th Aug 2014


I’ve recommended Jane’s Teas in Kirtlington (nr Bicester) in the past, but I forgot to tell you about my visit a few months back, which was WOWSA. Let me tell you straight from the off that it’s the most magical, …

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Hold on to Summer!!

17th Aug 2014

Tropical paradise, via ASOS

Alright, the sales are shedding clothes faster than a TOWIE girl at a film premiere, and Autumn styles are creeping into the shops, but don’t give up on summer just yet. I have my sneaky eye on this pineapple wrap …

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Bumper Muddy Guide 8 -14 August 2014

8th Aug 2014


How are you finding the Muddy Guide’s holiday format as a daily listy thing? Hope it’s helping you navigate your way through the Summer hols OK. Anyhoo, in the absence of any wailing and stamping of reader’s feet at the …

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